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SEV - Basic Courses

Computer System Validation - Basic Course

05/02/2008 9:30:00

' A course intended for all professionals who want to learn the basic aspects of the computer system validation process.
This course is focused on the development of the basic elements in order to face a computer system validation project.
The attendees will learn how to move easily in the terminology, the documental structure and the validation tools referred to the computer system validation.
A practical session to perform exercises in order to consolidate the treated concepts is also included. '

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SEV - Master Courses

Computer Systems Validation - Master Course

11/03/2008 9:30:00

'This course is intended to all the proffesionals who want to go deep in their knowledge about computer systems validation.
The course is focused in the adquisition of te more advanced concepts, by using examples and practical exercises.
The attendees learn how to move easily in the definition of the most comlex task in the computer systems validation.
A practical session for developig exercises, in order to consolidate the treated concepts, is included. '

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SEV - Master Courses

Risk Analysis and ICH Q9 – Master Course

19/02/2008 9:30:00

'This course treats the Risk Analysis as a tool to isolate and control the risks associated to the drugs manufacturing processes.
Through a practical case, a metodology allowing to match the requirements defined in the Guideline ICH Q9 will be applied.
The attendees will learn how to apply the commonest metodologies for the Risk Analysis, remarking the pros and cons for each one of them. '

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Courses types

SEV courses are divided into two categories, in order to match the needs of every professional.

- Basic courses

These courses are intended for professionals looking for an introduction to the corresponding topic, providing a basic training to understand and deal easily with daily work.

- Master courses

These courses are intended for expert professionals who want to expand their knowledge of specific aspects of the corresponding topics, in order to reach total control of the subject.

In-house courses

SEV, on demand, can develop customized training sessions to match the specific training needs of your company. These sessions of training can be held either at your facilities or in our offices, depending on your preferences.